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Group Chat

Jun 30, 2021

Today we're discussing the Delta Variant outbreak in Israel, LA County Public Health's mask recommendation, Moderna's rising shares, the skyrocketing of alcohol related incidents on flights, the Nelk Boys, a federal judge throwing out the government antitrust lawsuits against Facebook, Tucker Carlson's viral interview about Bill Gates's 300k acres of farmland, and more.

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Comments Con – Group Chat News 6.29.21

  • Recapping the feedback received from the last pod, ‘Fund the Police?’ [1:18]
  • Should we be panicked about the Delta Variant? [8:33]
  • Is alcohol the root of all problems? [21:50]
  • Jeyson’s, aka “New Guy”, night with Travis Scott. [28:46]
  • Ad Break. [35:40]
  • Who are the ‘Nelk’ Boys? [37:24]
  • Is Facebook safe from the Government? [46:07]
  • TikTok: The art of our generation? [48:08]
  • Tucker Carlson is NOT happy with Bill Gates. [1:00:01]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:06:25]

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