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Group Chat

May 21, 2021

Today we've an interview with "Sneaker" Steve Patiño to talk about Ales Grey's new recycled, sustainable clog. Then we're discussing the plunging price of Bitcoin and China's new regulations around it, Snap's 500 million monthly users, Oatly's shares soaring 24%, Wheels Up's 68% revenue surge, Google's first permanent retail store, Robinhood's decision to give retail investors access to IPO shares, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, and more.

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Clogs for the Environment – Group Chat News 5.20.21

  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with “Sneaker” Steve Patino to talk about Ales Grey’s new recycled, sustainable clog. [1:28]
  • Ad Break. [20:48]
  • Dee’s experience at the Lakers “play-in” game. [22:27]
  • WTF is going on with crypto?! [40:21]
  • Snapchat is on FIRE! [48:08]
  • Oatly’s market cap makes no sense. [54:19]
  • Private jet bookings are through the ROOF! [58:40]
  • Will you visit a Google store? [1:02:04]
  • Is the party over for Robinhood? [1:04:10]
  • Winners, Losers, and Content Recommends. [1:09:30
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:19:39]

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