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Group Chat

Jul 20, 2023

Today, Dee and Anand discuss the latest developments in the tech and entertainment industries. They analyze Microsoft's record-breaking close following the reveal of pricing for their new A.I. subscription. The hosts also delve into Tesla and Netflix earnings reports, assessing their performance in the market. They explore Carvana's stock surge due to its debt-trimming plans. Additionally, they explore the unique bet made by downtown Chicago farmers, predicting produce growth from office towers. To wrap up, they address the rumors surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship. Tune in for insightful discussions and this week's Winners, Losers, and Content!

- Written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • A Group Chat exclusive interview with a friend of the pod, Ray Hughes, and his client Tue Nguyen (aka @twaydabae), who is opening a HOT restaurant in West Hollywood. (1:23) 

  • Shout out from Anand. (43:17) 

  • Microsoft is the King in A.I. (44:05) 

  • It’s earnings season! The guys break down Tesla, Netflix, and Carvana. (50:20) 

  • Instead of going long, you go high! (59:01) 

  • Trouble in paradise? (1:06:30) 

  • Winners, Losers, and Content. (1:11:40) 

  • Group Chat Shout Outs. (1:24:21) 

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