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Group Chat

Dec 18, 2020

Today we're talking about Bitcoin's skyrocketing value, Coinbase's IPO, StockX's $2.8 billion valuation, Wish's opening below IPO price, BarkBox's plans to go public, SEC's charge against Robinhood for misleading their customers, Samsung TV's TikTok App in the UK, the 21 UNC and Duke students who were charged for operating a large scale drug operation, the second stimulus check, Winners, Losers, and Content Recommendations, and more.

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Bitcoin to the Moon! - Group Chat News

  • Is Corona over by May? [1:30]
  • Are TikTok stars non-relevant once the world is back? [4:53]
  • Bitcoin 101 with Anand Murthy. [15:28]
  • Is Bitcoin a “big boy” game? [27:03]
  • A real-life episode of Silicon Valley in investing in economy, Coinbase IPO & MORE. [29:50]
  • The future of StockX and the evolution of the art market. [41:14]
  • Is Wish a scam? [48:35]
  • BarkBox is going public. [50:36]
  • Robinhood is doing the devil’s work. [51:40]
  • TikTok TV is here! [55:50]
  • A crime NOT too big to fail. [58:00]
  • Is the second stimulus coming?! [1:01:50]
  • Pete Reads the Ads. [1:05:30]
  • Weekly Winners & Losers. [1:08:35]
  • Hottest Content for the Weekend. [1:22:55]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:29:37]

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