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Group Chat

Jan 19, 2022

Today we're discussing the effect rising interest rates are having on tech stocks, the continued fall of cryptocurrency, Goldman increasing their pay for talent, Microsoft's $68.7 billion purchase of Activision, LVMH's minority stake in Aimé Leon Dore, RHUDE's Rhuigi Villaseñor being appointed to creative director of Bally, GoPuff's private label products, the story of someone making $100,000 walking dogs, As Seen on Social, and more.

Bags Are Over – Group Chat News 1.18.22

  • Talking politics is NOT good for business. [0:51]
  • It feels like the stock market is going to zero. [17:02]
  • What else will big tech buy?! [28:56]
  • Goldman is cash. [35:01]
  • LVMH, making more acquisitions. [40:50]
  • BIG look for LA. [44:57]
  • GoPuff is going to be MASSIVE! [50:02]
  • De-filed. [53:46]
  • As Seen on Social. [59:20]

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