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Group Chat

Mar 20, 2023

Tonight, Drama, Dee, and Anand discuss a range of hot-button issues, including the ongoing global banking crisis and Balaji Srinivasan's controversial stance on hyperinflation and bitcoin. They also dive into the recent Twitter spat between Srinivasan and Nassim Nicholas Taleb, where Taleb called out Srinivasan's bad-faith arguments. On a different note, they talk about Warren Buffett's involvement with the Biden team regarding the banking crisis, as well as Trump's claims that he may be arrested soon, which has caught the attention of New York law enforcement. Tune in for a lively discussion on the latest developments in the finance and politics world.

- written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • A 'Chatty Kathy' has infiltrated the studio! (2:56) 

  • The boys ate miles! (18:49) 

  • Are we on the brink of financial collapse?! (21:05) 

  • How Balaji Srinivasan screwed Anand. (27:15) 

  • Everyone is NOW a financial expert. (36:53) 

  • Will Donald Trump be arrested? (47:37) 

  • What will this week bring? (52:37) 

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