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Group Chat

Jul 17, 2023

Today, Drama, Dee, and Anand discuss a wide range of topics. They dive into Nike's captivating new ad featuring Wimbledon Champion Carlos Alcaraz, as highlighted by Front Office Sports on Twitter. They also explore the belief held by Appear that the Federal Reserve can successfully execute a soft landing. Furthermore, they analyze the changing recession expectations among economists. Additionally, they delve into Bob Iger's transition from empire-building to a Disney yard sale. They also examine the fluctuating traffic of Threads after an initial surge in interest. Lastly, they address the issue of 'tipflation' and share instances where it's considered acceptable not to tip, according to etiquette experts. The episode concludes with a discussion of Shein's legal troubles, as the company faces a lawsuit citing RICO violations originally used against organized crime. Tune in for a dynamic conversation!

- Written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • The Boys are HOT! (1:23) 

  • Dee’s impromptu trip to the beach. (7:20) 

  • ‘The kid’ dethrones the King of tennis. (14:12) 

  • Drake knows how to stay viral. (22:24) 

  • Was J Powell right all along or does the American consumer just LOVE to spend? (27:02) 

  • Dee’s travel hacks. (37:25) 

  • Disney’s woes. (39:55) 

  • Tipflation’ is an issue. (58:17) 

  • Is Shein toast? (1:08:10) 

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