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Group Chat

Jun 19, 2019

Today we've got a special episode.. Dee is out! We're talking Paris Fashion Week, Spider-Man premiere, Facebook unveils Libra, Google's $1B pledge, Huawei, Truff x Product (Red), Costco shooting, Chanel, Netflix breaking more records?, scooter breakdown, what's going on in Dominican Republic? and a little bit of a fight...

Jun 17, 2019

Today we talk about Anand at the US Open, Drama's night out, Father's Day, Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Kimora Lee Simmons Forever 21, The Man Behind Fortnite, Genius/Google, Walmart Jet-black spend, OJ joining twitter, Taylor Swift new song, Drake's new songs and are meatless burgers healthy?

Jun 14, 2019

Today on Group Chat we've got a long action packed episode as we discuss Instagram being down, Sarah Sanders, Airbnb launches Adventures, Epic games, Netflix, Rich Paul Sports Illustrated, GQ photoshopped 2 women in a picture with all Silicon Valley men to look diverse, Bieber/Tom Cruise and more!

Live and in studio...

Jun 12, 2019

Today on Group Chat we talk about Kevin Durant's injury, NYC helicopter crash, Beverly Hills Tobacco Ban, North Korean leaders slain half brother met with South Korean intelligence, Amazon ending restaurant delivery, Discord, Jon Stewart, Facebook paying for data, Deepfake video of Zuckerberg and Kraft's 'Salad...

Jun 10, 2019

Today on Group Chat we discuss Revolve IPO recap, $26.5 million to University of Alabama, towing an iceberg, Chanel LVMH, Barnes and Noble, the rich millennials are leaving New York, Hong Kong extradition protest, E3, Google Stadia, Facebook Libra and Mexico avoids tariffs.

Why Dee is tired...[3:14]

Celebrate your...