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Group Chat

Jun 5, 2023

Tonight, Drama, Dee, and Anand discuss what upbringing makes a winner.

- Written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Do you want to be an all-star? (5:25) 

  • At what point should you introduce failure in competition sports? (13:10) 

  • Is validation poison for kids? (18:35) 

  • Competition=Success. (28:12) 

Jun 1, 2023

Today, Dee and Anand discuss some intriguing topics that are making waves. From Jeff Bezos comparing the current frenzy to the 1849 gold rush to Bill Ackman praising Jamie Dimon's leadership, they explore the influence of social media in shaping perceptions. Additionally, they delve into the financial world, as interest...

May 30, 2023

Tonight, Drama, Dee, Anand, and Kevin discuss airline retail and much more!

- written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • “Woke” Anand has a bone to pick with Elon, how the right has taken over the media, and the political clown show. (2:45) 

  • How does Bud Light stop the leak? (23:55) 

  • Traveling...

May 25, 2023

Today, Drama and Anand discuss the latest headlines in this week's episode. They dive into the buzz surrounding Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk's Twitter exchange, signaling DeSantis's presidential bid. They also explore the unexpected economic boon caused by the sudden collapse of energy prices. The hosts analyze...

May 22, 2023

Tonight, Drama, Dee, and Anand discuss a wide range of topics. On this week's episode, the hosts dissect the digital world's latest clash, as Instagram launches its daring challenge to Twitter's dominance. But that's not all; the trio delves into the world of sports and the controversial Haney vs. Lomachenko fight. The...